About Café Vumba

committed to working hand in hand

Building the Foundation of
Coffee in Mozambique

At Café Vumba, we came together as farmers and a community to place Mozambique in the world's coffee origin map. Follow our journey as we develop this amazing project.

Coffee in 2030

A new coffee origin lies in Mozambique. Follow our journey as we uncover the future for Mozambican coffee, respecting sustainability guidelines and benefit over 2.600 families.

Agroforestry Modality

At Café Vumba, we have as one of our objectives to reforest Manica's lost vegetation. Through Agroforestry, we are able to produce higher quality coffee and repair the green lungs of our country.

Coffee Varietals

Our varietals are Catimor, Costa rica and SL28. After hundreds of hours spent on R&D, we came to the conclusion these would grow best on our soils and climate.


Where People and Coffee Come Together

Drink Local Coffee.
Support Local.

Helping Coffee Fight
Climate Change

The Initiative Changing Coffee in Mozambique

Café Vumba considers its project to be a pro-women sustainable movement in the coffee industry – involving over 2.100 female members by 2028, this is one of the largest of its kind in the past decade.

What makes us different

At Café Vumba, we are committed to making a positive difference in the many local communities where we operate. We do this by creating jobs, driving health and education projects, and empowering smallholder farming communities to increase their resilience through more sustainable agriculture, working within Café Vumba.