The Beginning of a New Origin

From a Simple Idea to Great Coffee

Sustainable Path Towards Greater Coffee

Café Vumba ensures the long-term viability of green coffee supplies by providing smallholder farmers with the opportunities and resources they need to run their farms at full potential and enter a pathway out of poverty.

Building the Foundation of
Mozambican Coffee

At Café Vumba, we came together as farmers and a community to place Mozambique in the world's coffee origin map. Follow our journey as we develop this amazing project.

Coffee in 2030

A new coffee origin lies in Mozambique. Follow our journey as we uncover the future for Mozambican coffee, respecting sustainability guidelines and benefit over 2.600 families.

Agroforestry Modality

At Café Vumba, we have as one of our objectives to reforest Manica's lost forests. Through Agroforestry, we are able to produce higher quality coffee and repair the green lungs of our country.

Coffee Varietals

Our varietals are Catimor, Costa rica and SL28. After hundreds of hours spent on R&D, we came to the conclusion these would grow best on our soils and climate.

Sustainable Coffee Simply Tastes Better

Our responsible external and internal sourcing journey starts with the men and women who grow our coffee beans. They’re our coffee heroes, and we’re proud to call them our partner farmers. Our experts visit their farms to pass on innovative sustainable agricultural practices to ensure the future of coffee.

Inclusively Building Resilience

We are proud to say that our 2020-2026 strategic plan is beeing broadly delivered, representing an investment totalling estimately USD 2 million over the period. By 2023, we expect to have 1 million plants on field, initally yielding 30 tonnes.