Many producers, coming together as one community

Striving for loyal, long-term partnerships.

Responsibly Sourced Coffee - It's our Priority

Our overriding goal is that in the long-term, everyone involved along the entire value chain of our project can make a good living from their work, and people around the world can enjoy their beloved cup of coffee every day.

Our Mission and Vision

We take responsibility for the future of a sustainable coffee industry

Meet Elicha Ndaipa
local farmer

About Coffee in Mozambique


Moussapa Region Producer

Elicha Ndaipa

Vumba Mountain Region Producer

Filimone Pambana

Dagata Region Producer

Saimon Macacha

We are committed to an upcoming sustainable coffee industry

Considering social, environmental, and economic needs is an integral part of our business model and contributes to our long-term success. We are therefore committed to our different programs, which define our responsible and sustainable actions in Manica and Mozambique.

coffee fields where women come first, always

The Women in Coffee program is one-of-a-kind ethical sourcing model committed to ending the cycle of poverty affecting women coffee farmers across the Manica region. Café Vumba provides direct compensation to women farmers, along with the opportunity and resources to enact positive change in their communities and on their own terms.